Insights From a Lawyer: 3 Things to Expect During Mediation


Mediation is used to resolve legal disputes without litigation. A neutral, third-party lawyer serves as your mediator and helps foster open lines of communication that can, hopefully, find solutions to legal issues. The lawyers of the Atwood Holsten Brown Deaver & Spier Law Firm, offer mediation services from their offices in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. 

By understanding what to expect during mediation, you will be fully prepared to state your case and find mutually agreeable resolutions. 

3 Things to Expect During Mediation

1. You Will Be Introduced to the Mediation Process

Lawyers who work in the mediation field understand this is new terrain for most of their clients. To better acquaint both parties with the process, your mediator will explain the ground rules for participating and how negotiations will be structured. This will happen before any communication between the two parties takes place, and you will have a chance to ask questions about the process or get clarification on any elements you don’t understand.

lawyer2. You Will Enter Into Negotiations…Not Arguments

Understandably, emotions may be running high when involved in any legal dispute. But it’s in the best interests of all parties concerned that everyone remains calm, level-headed, and willing to talk. This isn’t a forum to hash out who’s wrong and who’s right, or to assign blame or punishment; this is the place to negotiate resolutions that can end the legal matter at hand without the need for litigation.

3. You Have to Be Flexible

Remember: this isn’t a court case where a third party is going to hand down a judgment. This is a negotiation that will require back and forth communication, and both sides will have to compromise if they expect to find a solution. The benefit? You control the outcome of your case, rather than turning it over to a judge or jury, where you lose control over the outcome. 

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