Whether from the shorts stories or the novels, in print or not in print or never published, excerpts are fun to show.  Each block brings a blast from the 30 year history of stretching and striving and, as Chris McClelland puts it, digging deeper.

  • Past Tense PDF (10.09 kB)The opening of "Sky King," Chapter IV of Philip's unpublished novel Past Tense. Looking back, there was something for each of us to be worried about.
  • Dreams of Her and Other Stories PDF (10.55 kB)Story excerpt – the opening of "Robert and Erica," which first appeared in StoryQuarterly and is part of Philip's as yet unpublished collection Dreams of Her and Other Stories.
  • Forty Martyrs Suite PDF (12.88 kB)Novel-in-Stories excerpt – Forty Martyrs Suite is made up of seven interconnected short stories that combine to create a novel.
  • How Men Pray PDF (6.19 kB)Poem from the collection How Men Pray, published by, and available from, Anhinga Press. It’s almost a full 10 years since the death of William Matthews. Here’s a toast to him.
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